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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

White Noise Generators

Many benefits await you when make white noise generators a part of your work lifestyle. They can instantly help you feel better and maintain your focus. These innovative devices were precisely fabricated to offer soothing benefits that are good for both your health and work performance.

White noise generators have long been used by many people for noise reduction systems at home or in the office not only because of their proven effectiveness in noise cancellation, but also because of their flexibility. White noise generators allow you to adjust treble settings to produce different sounds. Simply add more treble and you can generate a sound that resembles rain; add more bass to produce a sound similar to that of a waterfall. Most white noise generators also have switches that can introduce surf patterns to the sound. This is great if you need to hear irregular patterns, which are proven to be better in masking irregular noises in the background.

Unlike white noise CDs, most white noise generators generate smooth static sounds that do not loop. This means that you can never detect the beginning and end of the recorded segment of sound. White noise generators are better at producing pleasant and uninterrupted sounds, which you can easily adjust by using built-in tone controls.

White noise generators come as either desktop units or as ear pieces. Your choice should depend on your particular needs and comfort level. Ear pieces are great because only you can hear the white noise (not your co-workers). But they will only work if you are used to the feeling of something plugged in your ear. They can be very irritating of you do not like having an object inserted into your ear. Most experts recommend that you start with desktop units first, and then progress to ear pieces when you are more comfortable.

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