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Monday, July 17, 2006

Future of Energy: Biodiesel Generators

One of the most exciting new fuel solutions presented has to be biodiesel. For all people who have not heard about biodiesel, it is made from a combination of organic oils like corn, canola, or soy oil with other ingredients to produce a fuel that burns similar to diesel fuel used in vehicles. Biodiesel can even be combined with regular diesel to form a combination of the two fuels that is cleaner burning and safer.

Petroleum and oil are both fossil fuels that eventually run out, and with countries like China, India, and others starting to expand their society and add millions of vehicles and other gasoline powered machines, the supply will dwindle much faster. Thus biodiesel, a fuel that is made from organic oils, can be pretty much grown to meet higher supply and demand. This is one of biodiesel's really strong points in that it is a highly renewable resource that also has less emissions so it is safer for the environment. Because organic materials used to make biodiesel can be grown, the farmers are supported by a bigger demand and the dependency on oil can be decreased. These points alone should make biodiesel a very great looking alternative fuel.

Biodiesel is currently being used more and more in all types of applications. Many cities are switching city vehicles and other emergency vehicles to use biodiesel as fuel source, thus decreasing cost and lowering pollution. Some gas stations already offer B20, a blend of biodiesel and 80% petrodiesel, that can be used in most diesel vehicles effectively and safely. Biodiesel can currently be used in most newer diesel engines without the need for major modifications or overhaul of the engine. This allows a quicker onset into the public than other fuel solutions. The abundance of many diesel fueled applications allows biodiesel to be used immediately to help cut costs and help the environment as well. Everything from cars, farm vehicles, generators, and a lot of other machines already can utilize biodiesel.

The future of biodiesel as a major energy source is definitely a great possibility. With more research on ways on developing and better utilizing biodiesel, it's applications will greatly increase. Imagine being able to take cooking oil after frying something up, adding an additive to remove the smell and being able to use that waste oil as fuel for diesel engines. This can be the future of biodiesel and many restaurants that use a lot of frying oil can use this oil to fuel other appliances as diesel furnaces. The future of biodiesel as a major fuel source really depends on the fact that it is highly renewable and the great efficiency possible.

With the future of energy solutions still up for grabs, biodiesel will definitely be a contender. The emergence of new technology and the need to break the bonds developed from oil use will definitely push biodiesel usage up.

Jason Smith is the editor of, which provides consumer reviews, how-to's, and uses for home and business power generators.