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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

White Noise Generators

Many benefits await you when make white noise generators a part of your work lifestyle. They can instantly help you feel better and maintain your focus. These innovative devices were precisely fabricated to offer soothing benefits that are good for both your health and work performance.

White noise generators have long been used by many people for noise reduction systems at home or in the office not only because of their proven effectiveness in noise cancellation, but also because of their flexibility. White noise generators allow you to adjust treble settings to produce different sounds. Simply add more treble and you can generate a sound that resembles rain; add more bass to produce a sound similar to that of a waterfall. Most white noise generators also have switches that can introduce surf patterns to the sound. This is great if you need to hear irregular patterns, which are proven to be better in masking irregular noises in the background.

Unlike white noise CDs, most white noise generators generate smooth static sounds that do not loop. This means that you can never detect the beginning and end of the recorded segment of sound. White noise generators are better at producing pleasant and uninterrupted sounds, which you can easily adjust by using built-in tone controls.

White noise generators come as either desktop units or as ear pieces. Your choice should depend on your particular needs and comfort level. Ear pieces are great because only you can hear the white noise (not your co-workers). But they will only work if you are used to the feeling of something plugged in your ear. They can be very irritating of you do not like having an object inserted into your ear. Most experts recommend that you start with desktop units first, and then progress to ear pieces when you are more comfortable.

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Generators - A Guide to Purchasing

The diesel generator produces electric energy using the combination of an electrical generator and a diesel engine.

Ships often use diesel generators, to power the electric system and to propel the ship. Wherever the electrical grid is unstable, a diesel generator is used as a back up during supply failure. Even with the best alternative system such as solar energy or wind energy, sometimes the weather may not cooperate and land us in darkness when the main power source fails. To keep our power system running, a backup engine generator may be just the thing. For businesses with sensitive computer networks, or homes with critical medical equipment, a back up power system such as a diesel generator may be necessary even when grid power is available.

The intended power load and the ability to supply the same is the basis for the selection of diesel generators.

High quality gasoline generators and diesel generators will provide reliable backup power to small offices and most homes. When you have a good backup generator sized to support your important electrical equipment and power systems then you need not bother or worry when there is a major supply failure.

Diesel generators can be switched on or off unlike other alternative power sources so there are no need for a dedicated charge controller. The generator can be connected to the main power system through an inverter using the generator’s auto-start feature. Alternatively, it can also be connected to the generator auto-start battery charger.

When buying a diesel generator make a list of the lights and equipment that will be running off the generator. Total the wattage requirements to determine the capacity of the generator. Compare wattage requirement and the price of the generator. If the generator is to be connected directly to the electrical system, then it is advisable to hire a qualified technician to install the transfer switch. Ensure that the generator has adequate storage capacity, longer usage time at a stretch, overload protection and auto shut off facility.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Passive Revenue Generators That Work While You Sleep - Part II

Remember passive revenue generators, tools with one little message in it's head "I think I can", just like the little engine that could. Let's revisit the 'little engines that can' in order to create revenue generating sites or ideas that work while you sleep, but also retain customer loyalty. I can not stress the importance of this before continuing with the second part of this article on passive revenue generators, customer loyalty is king (or queen) when it comes to running any business.

Staying on the same page - I'm going to repeat myself, passive revenue generators are a tool or revenue generator that can be started and left on it's own with little or no tinkering, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Writing was the subject of our last look at passive revenue generators and I sincerely hope that at least 50 percent of those who read the previous article took advantage of the direction taken - I certainly got enough emails with questions about implementing that idea. Niche Marketing is the center of focus for this article and I have the impossible task of squeezing a 200 pound loaf into an 8 pound bread basket. As mentioned before Coaching others is going to be in the spotlight for the 3rd article, that passive revenue generator can make soccer moms look like millionaires - no more embarassment. Successful work at home moms (WAHMs), stay at home moms (SAHMs) and single moms with multiple revenue streams would take the world by storm and definitely 'make my day'.

Now if you haven't got an email, billboard, seen in searches, even overheard at lunch with some friends - Niche Marketing is a great wave that needs to be caught before the sheer gravity of people filling niches takes it all away. However Niche Marketing is the tsunami after the earthquake shook the Internet with the idea in the first place - get a piece of paper and think of it as your surfboard to success! Marketing to special areas of demand for services or products has been honed into a science of revenue generating ideas- an example is video games, once only the sole domain of the game 'Pong' and now a billion dollar exploding niche marketing strategy. This particular niche market still hasn't filled up since the game 'Pong', as evidenced by the recent entry of the global gorilla Microsoft with not only games -but a gaming platform and a media center to enhance game play even further. And if you don't think Bill Gates is searching for more niche markets to enter into, then I guess you need to stop reading this niche marketing article right now. Even Bill Gates realized from the beginning that niche markets are perfect revenue generators and when successful can increase into revenue streams instead of just one source of revenue - hence the transition in video games from gaming platform to games to media center.

As a reminder revenue generating ideas are not 'get rich quick' tools - it takes research, targeting specific wants or needs, finding or creating products or services that fill your clients base. Sampling your products or services for a particular niche market before building revenue generating sites always saves you time and effort and headaches. To top that all off, some really bright individuals (besides unemployed politicians) created the Internet to give us all a powerful tool to accomplish all these goals. Now let's explore creating a niche marketing strategy using a blog, bear with me for not explaining what a blog is - it's time to do a little of that reasearch thing I talked about earlier. As I'm completing this series on articles on revenue generating ideas, blogs are continually evolving into blogs with rss feeds, video blogging, etc. Targeting a product or service based on your own niche marketing strategy create a blog that details the benefits of your revenue generators and your on your way to creating some revenue generating websites. There are Internet resources a plenty to help and remember to tell every family member, neighbor, ex-whatever, even enemies about your blog. I have been rather brief (I hope) on the advantages and possibilities of niche marketing, trying to get a 200 pound loaf into an 8 pound bread basket wasn't easy. Look forward to more bread crumbs in the next article on Coaching as a revenue generating idea.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Natural Gas Generators

Before natural gas reaches the final customers, it probably travels thousands of miles through pipelines under pressure from locations as far as the Gulf of Mexico and the Rocky Mountains. In fact, the Panhandle-Hugoton gas field in Texas alone has an estimated reserve of 66 trillion cubic feet.

The US has an estimated reserve of approximately 200 trillion cubic feet from the known reservoirs and large reserves from the Alaskan region. Natural gas production has been enhanced by advanced technologies, such as 3-D seismic vibration to explore gas and drilling technologies. There are approximately 400,000 wells in the US, an increase of 20 percent over a five-year period. Still, production has not been able to cope with the demand, and it is forecast that demand would increase by 40 percent until 2025.

However, natural gas generation is restricted more by governmental policies than by any other factor. For instance, the restrictions and rules of the Bureau of Land Management restrain the gas companies from venturing for new gas discoveries. Similarly, price controls in the 70s discouraged gas companies from producing more. On the positive side, the shift of hydroelectric companies towards natural gas as the choice of fuel acts as an incentive for oil and gas companies to produce more.

There are more than 2,000 companies producing gas in the US and the largest five, such as BP and Chevron, produce 18 percent, with BP, being the largest producer of natural gas in the US. In the downstream operations of processing and transportation, there are many players such as Dominion Home that produce, store and transmit gas.

Just as the shortfall in supply was caused over the years, the solution to the shortfall in demand and the consequent price increases can only be solved over the years. The gas industry is working towards that solution.

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Can Random Event Generators Record And Predict Major Global Vents?

There appears to be a considerable amount of evidence that they can, are, and have already established a credible, supporting paranormal powers history of having done so. An early use of Random Event Generators (REG's) indicated their random emission of 1's and 0's could be graphically portrayed as nearly a flat line of an equal amount of these numbers. Any deviation in equal numbers is indicated in form of a gently rising curve. Tests were conducted to prove whether or not such a power as "Mind over Matter" existed. If the pattern of one's thoughts changed the equal number random flatline into a rising curve, then material proof would definitely establish that human beings had innate paranormal powers of Mind over Matter. Time and time again, ordinary people proved their mind powers could force REG's to produce uneven amounts of 1's and 0's. Not only did it so happen, but has continued to happen countless numbers of times since these early REG experiments. Groups of people could cause greater shifts in REG number patterns.

Dr. Nelson of Princeton University was so hooked by this that he created an international internet hookup of 40 different REG's to his Princeton laboratory computer. Most of his computer graphs were flatlined, until September 6th, 1997, when a sudden, massive shift caused the graph to shoot upwards as other REG's on the global network indicated huge deviations from flatline status. This was the day of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster Abbey. The resonant focus of global consciousness appears to trigger startling REG response via New Years and other global celebrations and situations such as the USA 2000 election hangup. One of the greatest REG responses occurred September 11, 2001 relative to the WTC event in New York City. Not only was the event strongly indicated at the time the WTC towers were attacked, but also strongly PREDICTED as well, a full four hours prior to the planes hitting the towers. The REG's went ballistic again in December 2004, 24 hours prior to the big Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered the tsunami that laid waste to Southeast Asia and snuffed out the lives of nearly a half million people.

Question?: How and Why can REG's, having no sign of life or consciousness, respond, record and predict major global events? An appropriate credible answer involves a clear comprehension and understanding of Zero Energy, Creative Forces vibrations, Energy, Mind, Matter, Information and the appropriate compliance with a few Cosmic Laws. To begin with, every tangible thing throughout the entire material universe has, to some degree, BOTH life and consciousness. When you're looking at any living form, including human beings, you're viewing a living form but not the mind, life, energy and/or conscious awareness within the form. When you view a REG, you are viewing its material form but not the Creative Forces Life and conscious awareness within every molecule comprising it. One basic reason for this is simply because every thing throughout all creation is fully composed and comprised of CREATIVE FORCE VIBRATIONS that ARE: living, consciously aware, pulsating wave spheres of eternal, indestructible Spirit (quantum-anti-matter bubbles) energy oscillating omni-directionally from a central point, capable of instantly contracting to a central point or expanding to macro-cosmic, or any size. (The entity SETH called these Creative Forces "Electromagnetic Energy Units". (Edgar Cayce repeatedly referred to these Creative Force Vibrations as "The Creative Forces being God").

As an analogy to water, ice and steam, Mind, Energy, Information and Matter are four different forms of one and the same thing. The Cosmic Law of Information is that Law which states that all information is energy and carries energy, and that all energy is information and carries information. The understanding of this Law explains the principles of the paranormal situations. When or If human beings ever learn how and why Mind, Energy, Matter and Information are different forms of one and the same thing, some of the lost ancient sciences may then be rediscovered and such arts as alchemy and magic will become commonplace.

There is an infinite number of 3rd dimensions within the vibratory framework of the 4th dimension. The Cosmic Law of Paradox in the 4th dimensional energy level as that which occurs in all places simultaneously on certain vibratory rates likened unto the ringing of a bell which vibrates every particle of energy within its periphery. The Law Of Paradox is that which touches into such high levels of vibration and such dense levels of vibration simultaneously that the entire area appears to be alive, and whatever is said of one level can also hold true about the next, yet can also appear to be untrue as viewed from one level to the next.

The Cosmic Law of Thought is the Law wherein energy follows thought. Wherever thought goes, energy will flow. Therefore, those who wish to energize need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing.

Because omnipresent ZERO ENERGY is ENERGY at a zero nulled energy level state of rest and energy is information and carries information, the Zero Energy medium offers no resistance to instantaneous information transmissions at the speed of directed thought across the galaxy, across the universe, within the solar system, around the Earth, or wherever. Distance is of no consequence pertinent to information transmission speed impedance. Information transmissions in the medium of ZERO ENERGY may also occur instantly via telepathy (thought) and resonance.

Life forms upon the Earth resonate with the vibration rate of planet earth. Earth is a LIVING, Conscious Being, aware of all that is occurring within and upon its body, in addition to receiving 24/7 information via magnetic and radiant energy transmissions from the Sun and Moon. It communicates with the cellular bodies of all living forms upon and within its earthen body. A clue to its method of information transmission may well be revealed by the word IN-FORM-AT-ION vibratory energy levels. Such communication is also instantly conducted via the Atoms composed by Creative Forces Vibrations that also comprise the entirety of such devices as REG's.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Recreational Vehicle Generators and Options

Some recreational vehicles do not come with portable generators. This is because the recreational vehicle manufacturer wants to save money and offer a lower price. Many fifth wheel trailers do not have generators on them. If you own a fifth wheel trailer recreational vehicle then perhaps you will want to buy a quiet generator. There are many good manufactures of quite generators such as Honda, Onan and Coleman.

The question is which is the very best generator for you? Well first you must decide how much energy you will need to generate. If you're going to be in hotter climates you'll need a generator that can run an air-conditioning unit and that means you'll need more power and perhaps up to 15 amps just to run the air. If you have a microwave, run a laptop computer and a television then chances are you'll need another 20 amps or 35 amps total.

A 35 amp generator is a rather large generator, as well as expensive and if you can get by with less then perhaps you might look at other options. This means you will not be able to run everything in your recreational vehicle at the same time, but you will be able to run all the different items individually.

If you can get by with a 2000 W Honda 98 CC generator then you can pick one up for about $1000 or used for about $250 on eBay. They weigh about 50 pounds and are they are perfect for a fifth wheel trailer. A 3000 W Honda generator with 196 cc or 6.5 hp will run you nearly $1800, but they are very good generators.

The Onan generators are comparable in cost for the amount of output in energy. Coleman makes an 1850 W sport generator that puts out 15 amps and only costs about $500, but it is a little bit more noisy and you may not like it, although people who own them say they work fine. Please consider all this in 2006.

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Monday, July 17, 2006

Future of Energy: Biodiesel Generators

One of the most exciting new fuel solutions presented has to be biodiesel. For all people who have not heard about biodiesel, it is made from a combination of organic oils like corn, canola, or soy oil with other ingredients to produce a fuel that burns similar to diesel fuel used in vehicles. Biodiesel can even be combined with regular diesel to form a combination of the two fuels that is cleaner burning and safer.

Petroleum and oil are both fossil fuels that eventually run out, and with countries like China, India, and others starting to expand their society and add millions of vehicles and other gasoline powered machines, the supply will dwindle much faster. Thus biodiesel, a fuel that is made from organic oils, can be pretty much grown to meet higher supply and demand. This is one of biodiesel's really strong points in that it is a highly renewable resource that also has less emissions so it is safer for the environment. Because organic materials used to make biodiesel can be grown, the farmers are supported by a bigger demand and the dependency on oil can be decreased. These points alone should make biodiesel a very great looking alternative fuel.

Biodiesel is currently being used more and more in all types of applications. Many cities are switching city vehicles and other emergency vehicles to use biodiesel as fuel source, thus decreasing cost and lowering pollution. Some gas stations already offer B20, a blend of biodiesel and 80% petrodiesel, that can be used in most diesel vehicles effectively and safely. Biodiesel can currently be used in most newer diesel engines without the need for major modifications or overhaul of the engine. This allows a quicker onset into the public than other fuel solutions. The abundance of many diesel fueled applications allows biodiesel to be used immediately to help cut costs and help the environment as well. Everything from cars, farm vehicles, generators, and a lot of other machines already can utilize biodiesel.

The future of biodiesel as a major energy source is definitely a great possibility. With more research on ways on developing and better utilizing biodiesel, it's applications will greatly increase. Imagine being able to take cooking oil after frying something up, adding an additive to remove the smell and being able to use that waste oil as fuel for diesel engines. This can be the future of biodiesel and many restaurants that use a lot of frying oil can use this oil to fuel other appliances as diesel furnaces. The future of biodiesel as a major fuel source really depends on the fact that it is highly renewable and the great efficiency possible.

With the future of energy solutions still up for grabs, biodiesel will definitely be a contender. The emergence of new technology and the need to break the bonds developed from oil use will definitely push biodiesel usage up.

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