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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Can Random Event Generators Record And Predict Major Global Vents?

There appears to be a considerable amount of evidence that they can, are, and have already established a credible, supporting paranormal powers history of having done so. An early use of Random Event Generators (REG's) indicated their random emission of 1's and 0's could be graphically portrayed as nearly a flat line of an equal amount of these numbers. Any deviation in equal numbers is indicated in form of a gently rising curve. Tests were conducted to prove whether or not such a power as "Mind over Matter" existed. If the pattern of one's thoughts changed the equal number random flatline into a rising curve, then material proof would definitely establish that human beings had innate paranormal powers of Mind over Matter. Time and time again, ordinary people proved their mind powers could force REG's to produce uneven amounts of 1's and 0's. Not only did it so happen, but has continued to happen countless numbers of times since these early REG experiments. Groups of people could cause greater shifts in REG number patterns.

Dr. Nelson of Princeton University was so hooked by this that he created an international internet hookup of 40 different REG's to his Princeton laboratory computer. Most of his computer graphs were flatlined, until September 6th, 1997, when a sudden, massive shift caused the graph to shoot upwards as other REG's on the global network indicated huge deviations from flatline status. This was the day of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, at Westminster Abbey. The resonant focus of global consciousness appears to trigger startling REG response via New Years and other global celebrations and situations such as the USA 2000 election hangup. One of the greatest REG responses occurred September 11, 2001 relative to the WTC event in New York City. Not only was the event strongly indicated at the time the WTC towers were attacked, but also strongly PREDICTED as well, a full four hours prior to the planes hitting the towers. The REG's went ballistic again in December 2004, 24 hours prior to the big Indian Ocean earthquake that triggered the tsunami that laid waste to Southeast Asia and snuffed out the lives of nearly a half million people.

Question?: How and Why can REG's, having no sign of life or consciousness, respond, record and predict major global events? An appropriate credible answer involves a clear comprehension and understanding of Zero Energy, Creative Forces vibrations, Energy, Mind, Matter, Information and the appropriate compliance with a few Cosmic Laws. To begin with, every tangible thing throughout the entire material universe has, to some degree, BOTH life and consciousness. When you're looking at any living form, including human beings, you're viewing a living form but not the mind, life, energy and/or conscious awareness within the form. When you view a REG, you are viewing its material form but not the Creative Forces Life and conscious awareness within every molecule comprising it. One basic reason for this is simply because every thing throughout all creation is fully composed and comprised of CREATIVE FORCE VIBRATIONS that ARE: living, consciously aware, pulsating wave spheres of eternal, indestructible Spirit (quantum-anti-matter bubbles) energy oscillating omni-directionally from a central point, capable of instantly contracting to a central point or expanding to macro-cosmic, or any size. (The entity SETH called these Creative Forces "Electromagnetic Energy Units". (Edgar Cayce repeatedly referred to these Creative Force Vibrations as "The Creative Forces being God").

As an analogy to water, ice and steam, Mind, Energy, Information and Matter are four different forms of one and the same thing. The Cosmic Law of Information is that Law which states that all information is energy and carries energy, and that all energy is information and carries information. The understanding of this Law explains the principles of the paranormal situations. When or If human beings ever learn how and why Mind, Energy, Matter and Information are different forms of one and the same thing, some of the lost ancient sciences may then be rediscovered and such arts as alchemy and magic will become commonplace.

There is an infinite number of 3rd dimensions within the vibratory framework of the 4th dimension. The Cosmic Law of Paradox in the 4th dimensional energy level as that which occurs in all places simultaneously on certain vibratory rates likened unto the ringing of a bell which vibrates every particle of energy within its periphery. The Law Of Paradox is that which touches into such high levels of vibration and such dense levels of vibration simultaneously that the entire area appears to be alive, and whatever is said of one level can also hold true about the next, yet can also appear to be untrue as viewed from one level to the next.

The Cosmic Law of Thought is the Law wherein energy follows thought. Wherever thought goes, energy will flow. Therefore, those who wish to energize need only to direct their thoughts toward that target which needs energizing.

Because omnipresent ZERO ENERGY is ENERGY at a zero nulled energy level state of rest and energy is information and carries information, the Zero Energy medium offers no resistance to instantaneous information transmissions at the speed of directed thought across the galaxy, across the universe, within the solar system, around the Earth, or wherever. Distance is of no consequence pertinent to information transmission speed impedance. Information transmissions in the medium of ZERO ENERGY may also occur instantly via telepathy (thought) and resonance.

Life forms upon the Earth resonate with the vibration rate of planet earth. Earth is a LIVING, Conscious Being, aware of all that is occurring within and upon its body, in addition to receiving 24/7 information via magnetic and radiant energy transmissions from the Sun and Moon. It communicates with the cellular bodies of all living forms upon and within its earthen body. A clue to its method of information transmission may well be revealed by the word IN-FORM-AT-ION vibratory energy levels. Such communication is also instantly conducted via the Atoms composed by Creative Forces Vibrations that also comprise the entirety of such devices as REG's.

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